GPSSerial got an update

Just a small post that we have released an update of GPSSerial which should fix some issues found on certain AppStore software and especially those issues which were stopping updating the GPS position and then making GPSSerial to crash. So now everything should work a lot smoother and your battery should not be drained anymore by GPSSerial when it is not used. We are aware that there is still a bug with the speedometer (which, sometimes, show 0 for the speed), especially with xGPS. We are working on this. In the mean time you can run your Cydia or Icy to fetch the latest GPSSerial number 1.1.

Oh and by the way, don’t buy any costly GPS softwares that you can found now on the AppStore. The next gen. xGPS will certainly be better and even cheaper. More information about that soon.

Thanks a lot for your support.

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  1. Abel says:

    Nevermind, I’ll just uninstall.

  2. Conzza says:

    Can’t wait for re-routing to work in Sygic then gpsserial will kick ass. Oh and speed too.

  3. Alex says:

    I tried to make a GPS module and use in my iPhone. Not sure how to make GPSSerial to support it. I have all the connecting correct already.

  4. GaZz says:

    Is there any chance of an app that does this the other way round?

    I want to pair my iPhone with my laptop over bluetooth and use the GPS inside the iPhone as an external GPS module for the laptop.

    Laptop + iPhone GPS + Autoroute

  5. Matthew says:


    Does anyone know what port number the G-fi rooter uses to pass the gps information to the iPhone over wifi, please?



  6. danny min says:

    Just wanna user TomTom With GPSSerial

  7. danny min says:

    Blood hell!

  8. Xvj00 says:

    Hi just upgraded to 3.1.2 firmware on 2g. Used blackra1n to jailbreak. No gps now with my igpsd cable and gps serial and holux 1200.
    Anyone else having this issue?

  9. Merlin60 says:

    Seven, Europe s surge is the consequence of a process integral to the Asian end of Eurasia, not to Europe s singularity. ,

  10. jj says:

    well i have 3.1.2 and no problem. only thing that with the last update of gpsserial i got a bit position problem so that is is not so accurate. and when i am at crossing it keeps jumping from street to street.
    I use igps360. any one has same problem?

  11. Tompod says:

    Is there an upgrade to see the satelite’sof the new TomTom Car Tool Kit ?

  12. Dave says:

    Just jailbroke 3.1.2 with Blackra1n . Had been using TomTom cradle and now unable to get a signal from the cradle now. I only get intermittent signal from the Iphone which is obvious because it is so inaccurate.

    Does anyone know if there is a fix or workaround. I travel 3-4 times per week and I don’t want to go bak to a dedicated GPS and I don’t want to go back to a locked Iphone….Hell I have folders now!

    What a frickin concept!!! Hey Steve, have you heard of folders, multitasking????

    Thanks in Advance for any HELP!!!!

  13. Gary Benna says:

    Will the new gpsserial that will be available on itunes be able to be used with the orangegagets igps360 without a jailbroken ipod touch. I bought my touch specifically to use with 360 but it came with 3.1.3 preinstalled and I can’t jailbreak it, so can’t get gpsserial and use 360. No ideal if and when jailbreak will be available. If I could use gpsserial without jailbreak would be nice.

  14. Edward says:

    Is there a way to use GPSSerial with the i360 GPS and CoPilot Live North America? The GPSSerial and the i360 work well with xGPS (of course!), MotionX GPS Lite, and some other Apple Store Apps, but I can’t get CoPilot to be able to read it….

    I saw a post somewhere else that it worked, but that was many versions of both GPSSerial and CoPilot ago.

  15. Edward says:

    UPDATE: Just wanted to let y’all know that with the recent update to GPS Serial (not sure when it was, but I downloaded it around June 20, 2010), CoPilot and MotionX are both working fine. Thanks for the updated software!

  16. Thaipascal says:

    I use a Tomtom car kit with an iPod touch.
    Works perfectly with all apps without specific software.
    Just buy a i360GPS from Orang gadget, install GPS Serial.
    Works perfectly too.
    Put back my iPod in my car ont he Tomtom car kit.
    Try every Gps in the GPS Serial app, reboot each time.
    Try to uninstall GPS Serial app, reboot.
    NOTHING, my iPod cannot see now my TomTom car kit GPS!
    Sad and angry.
    Please, help!
    Pascal (Phuket Thailand)

  17. Thaipascal says:

    Special thanks to Roger from Orange Gadgets how gave me the solution.
    It was the GPSSerialHook.dylib file in \Library\MobileSubstrate\DynamicLibraries to removed.

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