xGPS crashes

We are making a special post to inform us that we are aware of the multiple problems that has the current xGPS version (1.2.6). The crashing problem at launch that many of you have is now more or less understood and will be corrected in the next release.

For a temporary fix you can do the following: delete the file /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.xwaves.xGPS.plist (it will clean out all the xGPS preferences).

Many of you are reporting also other crashes in a more random way. In order to allow to completely clean out these remaining bug, we ask us to post the crash report as explained at this link: http://xgpsdev.xwaves.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=506

We are very sorry for all these problems with the current version.

Thanks again for your help.

32 Responses to “xGPS crashes”

  1. fojtech says:

    hi. Everything is okay now.


    I love this app

  2. Ali says:

    funny am I the only one who never experienced any crashes with this app?

  3. Ali says:

    I really want the voice problem to be fixed tho, it gets lost in the music. otherwise it’s an excellent app.

  4. timo says:

    It doesn’t even start anymore. I loved this app. Hope the new release will come soon. It only shows the first pic with xGPS logo and then crashes. 3G unlock 2.28. Just reinstalled. No help.
    Waiting for the better future =)

  5. Arsenal6 says:

    so far no problems…touch wood

  6. Jim says:

    How do I delete the plist file? Can you post the instructions?

  7. Jim says:

    How do I delete the plist file? Can you post the instructions?

  8. Paul says:

    The new version 1.2.7 is out and on Cydia.
    It seems to fix my issue (startup crash).


  9. hostolis says:

    I have never had problems with xGPS!

    But with the new version, 2.1.7, I do not have the satellite icon on my status bar anymore (next to the battery)…
    So I don’t know if i have gps signal or not!

  10. flip says:

    I just tested 1.2.7 using the iphone 2g and the i360. when the voice starts to give you directions the music fades so the directions can be heard the music don’t come back on. A little annoying but other than that it works great. Thanks!!!

  11. hostolis says:

    Hm, i just saw this topic

    (I’m still waiting for the activation mail so i reply here)

    I ssh’d and i DO have the images under /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/
    Maybe it is a permission thingy?
    Mine are 0660 and owner is “1000” (wtf?)

  12. Mathieu says:

    Yes the permissions are incorrect. Set them to o+rx (755) and it should work.

  13. Ali says:

    yes music does pause now but does not resume. great improvement but still ifyou guys could add a resume script it would make this app 10 out of 10 for me. it works better than my garmin navigation.

  14. steven says:

    I can’t even install 1.2.5, 1.2.6 or 1.2.7. Everytime I try to install from cydia i get the md5 mismatch error thing. Does anyone know where to put the .deb file and the command to install it through terminal?

  15. Mathieu says:

    The deb file can be get at http://xgps.xwaves.net in Download section… For installing it you can issue the following command dpkg -i filename.deb and then respring using the Respring program in cydia.

  16. Torque says:

    The driving direction does not work in the Philippines. Can you come up with an updated manual on how to use it? Thanks!

  17. Ole says:

    I have updated to the latest version, but now voice directions have stopped working.

  18. Ole says:

    The last update of version 1.2.7 fixes the issue with voice directions mentioned above. It still has no clue how to pronounce Norwegian names, so hopefully that will work better in upcoming versions.

  19. 二戸 says:


  20. James says:

    I am trying to download maps but I can’t do it. In the middle of the process it crash

  21. DanielLondon says:

    The App is amazing. It does eventually crashes. I’ve experienced it twice, never at start up but after using it for a while. It would be ideal that the route would be saved in the event of it crashing or when you exit the App. Also saving favorite routes would be great. It is a five star App! You have nothing to say sorry about it, but if you improve you will end up convincing Apple of allowing jailbreak just because of your App. :) Thanks developers!!! It is brilliant!!!

  22. Louis says:

    For me, the home button doesn’t work. And I’d like to know when it’s gonna be possible to manage routes without being connected to a WIFI conection. Finally I’d like to know why the distance between each steps and the total distance (in routes) cannot be displayed. I’d love you could answer me by mail.
    Really appreciated !!!

  23. Moin says:

    Fantastic App. Best app in my itouch
    The only problem i am facing is the GPS stops working after i have driven for about a mile or 2 from hy home.

  24. crypted says:

    Now with that new navigation called iDA, are you going to develop xGPS anymore?

  25. Nick says:

    I installed xGPS yesterday and it crashed when I launched th google maps. It didn’t even installed anything on my phone and above all it also crashed cydia completely and I could not even launch cydia. I had to restore my phone and jailbreak again. This app really sucks.

  26. Pablo says:

    I can’t find the app in cydia. I have atlas.sid and some other only, but no xGPS.
    Did you take it away?

  27. Kelvin20 says:

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  28. Craig says:

    I’m in Korea and there are no detailed maps, if I go to ‘google maps’ I can see detailed street maps no problem.

    Thanks, look forward to being able to use this app some time in Korea.

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