xGPS Bug fix release

After more than 500’000 downloads of xGPS 1.2, we are proud to announce a small bug fix release of xGPS, numbered 1.2.5.

But before saying more things, please read the following:

For something unrelated to xGPS, we are making a study on computer devices for a marketing research. We need some data about user wishes and habits about computer devices. If you have 3 minutes of your time to answer our anonymous survey it will indirectly greatly helps the xGPS project. Thanks in advance!

The survey:


xGPS 1.2.5 screenshotThanks for reading that :-). Now, about xGPS 1.2.5, there are not so many new features in this version but rather a large number of annoying bugs have been corrected. Before going further you must know that, as usual, there is a little delay between this post and the release of xGPS in Cydia by the repository maintainer. It should appears within 4 hours after the publishing time of this post. For the impatient, here is a non-exhaustive list of new features / changes:

  • Support for the G-Fi GPS from Posimotion
  • Ability to send a Google Maps link according to your current GPS position by tapping the speedometer
  • The GPS signal quality indicator is now in the status bar
  • Route re-computation works now better (i.e. your current route is no more cleared if an error occurs)
  • Volume control to adjust the voice volume in Settings->Driving directions

xGPS Manager 1.1Among these changes, xGPS Manager has been also corrected and a new version has been put on the xGPS official website. This new version correct the bug which was causing so many problems on some home routers or with some Internet connections. These issues should be now corrected. We have also added a search option to search for cities on the map.

We want also let you know that xGPS is becoming more and more popular thanks to you! So a big thank you to all of the people contributing by any way to this project. You can find a wonderful article on xGPS in the iPhone german magazine called iPhoneWelt for the german speakers. An interview about xGPS has also been published on mp3car.

We will finish this little post by talking about a common subject: future plans :-). For now we will concentrate ourself on getting a 1.3 version ready in about 2 months. This version will have multi-lingual voice instructions (using pre-recorded voice instead of synthesized ones for the technical readers). In parallel we are also starting to develop the 2.0 version using vectorial maps. We have already something more or less working to display vectorial maps, more to come in the following months.

Thank you all for your interest and your help.

PS: for the new xGPS users, you will find xGPS 1.2.5 in Cydia (only with jailbroken iphone / iPod Touch) under the Navigation category. If you still find the 1.2 version, wait for some hours and refresh the Cydia sources.

UPDATE: For getting 1.2.5, please read here: http://xgpsdev.xwaves.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=471


35 Responses to “xGPS Bug fix release”

  1. Scott Urman says:

    Whoo hoo! Thanks for all the work, I can’t wait to try it out.

  2. Jay says:

    Hopefully this will be in cydia when I get up so I can test it out on the way to work.
    Keep up the great work guys

  3. magu says:

    Congrats guys! As soon as I get a few extra dollars, I’ll be making a donation to help keep up this excellent piece of software. Much better than spending $400 on a GPS unit.

  4. Caterina says:

    Thank you so much xGPS team!! You keep up breaking the limits with each release!! 😀
    Thank you!!

  5. Guling says:

    Is the update up in cydia ? i cant find it anyone?

  6. Matijn says:

    Hi, thanks I really waited for little improvements!
    I also can’t find the app in Cydia?


  7. Timbo says:

    Nice little app. I gave it a go today on the way home from work and it worked a treat.
    I’m looking forward to using it when I go overseas in two weeks! Keep up the great work guys.

  8. Mathieu says:

    Yes it seems that the app is still not on Cydia. Investigation is in progress…

  9. Stivvi says:

    The link does not provide a download. Please check your permissions!!

  10. Matijn says:

    You need to right click and download!

  11. Leeeroi says:

    Rightclicking doesn’t work, the file is just 250bytes and is not a valid debian file.
    Pls fix the link.

  12. Stivvi says:

    Yes, Leeeroi is right.
    Guys check your link!!!!

  13. Mathieu says:


  14. Leeeroi says:

    Nice one! works now Thanks

  15. Stivvi says:

    Nice works guys. You are great!!!

  16. Sassi says:

    Hey guys!
    If You like I can do the german voice recording for you. So You can use it in the previous release.

  17. Sassi says:

    uhm.. the upcoming.. not the previous release *rollseyes on herself*

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  19. Joost says:

    Thx it works nicely!

  20. vinc says:

    Hi folks,

    thank you sooooo much for this great new release.
    If you need a german voice, just send me an email!

    regards vinc

  21. zb672 says:

    Using the 2G iphone with iGPS 360, version 1.2.5 freezes when the iGPS 360 locks to receive satellite signal. Selecting other GPS device (i.e. internal for 3 G) on the 2G phone does not lock the xGPS, but provides an incorrect location, which can not be corrected even with reset

  22. Netwes says:

    WOW! Will Thank you do! (Got a Brainwave there was an upgrade, went to cydia and there it was). 😉

  23. PmgR says:

    Same here as zb672. There must be some bug as the program freezes with the iGPS360 module plugged in. Unplugging it unfreezes it after a short while.

    I suggest iGPS360 users to stick with the old 1.2 version for now till this gets fixed.

  24. Davidonabus says:

    Beautiful! Thank you!

  25. Thegoodboy66 says:

    Thanks for the job, keep it up.

    Please support for the mobile version of google map mobile some cities does not appear with the web “pc” version of google maps.

    Thanks again

  26. StLouis says:

    You guys never seem to amaze me!! Thank you so much for the hard work that goes unappreciated from ppl who just download the apps and go on with their lives. So I just wanted to take time and just really and genuinely say…THANKS!

  27. Mark Casson says:

    Downloaded update today but it doesn’t install. Says MS or MD sum mismatch.

  28. Paul says:

    @Mark Casson: I had the same error the first time I tried to update, I just tried pressing update again and it worked fine the second time.

  29. Zee says:

    Hey Guys!

    Its in Cydia already???
    PLease reply!
    Thanks anyway!

  30. Alex says:

    There is still a hugh bug, when ever i use navigation in my car hooked up to power the battery is still being drained, it is slower but that really sucks!!! When will this be fixed?

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  32. MusicBass says:

    Все просто и понятно…что ничего не понятно.

  33. march says:

    Thanks for some other informative website. Where else may just I am getting that type of info written in such a perfect manner? I have a undertaking that I am simply now working on, and I’ve been on the glance out for such info.